A Bright Idea!

by Edward Galstyan One of the best ways to save money is to start at home. Now that’s a smart idea! It is easy to forget everything we use in the house in our daily lives because of how busy our lives are. Between work, family and other responsibilities we forget & overlook many money »» Continue reading → ««

Turn Off Those Gaming Consoles!

Reprinted with permission of NRDC, the Natural Resources Defense Council

by Matthew Manorothkul Enjoy playing video games? Not only do the games cost you money but leaving the gaming console on idle is adding to the cost of having fun too. Depending on the gaming console you own, the amount of energy use is different. Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsofts Xbox 360 use significantly more »» Continue reading → ««

The Rule of 72


by Edward Galstyan So you’re saving money — care to learn an easy finance trick? The rule of 72 is an easy way to determine how long an investment might take to double with a given, fixed annual rate of return. To figure out a rough estimate of how many years it will take an »» Continue reading → ««

Save Money at the Movies


by Matthew Manorothkul With the economy we are facing now, who wouldn’t want to keep more money in their pockets? Going to a movie theater with a date or family can be rather expensive. A movie with a date can cost about $20 without any food! Going with family can be about $50! These prices »» Continue reading → ««

Save Some Cash While Dining Out!

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by Jeffrey Jung Dining out is probably one of the most social things  you can do with friends. Problem for a lot of us is that it is really expensive. Aside from restricting yourself by chowing down on McDonalds or KFC, what are some ways to cut down on restaurant dining costs? Here are some »» Continue reading → ««

Mortgage Points Explained — How it may save you money


by Edward Galstyan So what are mortgage points, exactly? Mortgage points are sold by the lender when purchasing a house. Mortgage points are also called discount points. The purpose of purchasing mortgage points is to reduce the fixed APR on your loan. For each point you pay up-front, you obtain a lower interest rate. Essentially, »» Continue reading → ««

Saving on Gas


by Matthew Manorothkul Summer is just around the corner! Bright sunny, warm days ahead. Time to head to the beaches, take a nice swim, go on road trips, and travel with friends and family! However, higher gas prices make us rethink our plans and sometimes we end up not planning anything at all. What a »» Continue reading → ««

Pre-Qualification vs Pre-Approval


by Edward Galstyan So you received a letter in the mail that you’ve been pre-qualified or pre-approved for a loan application. Great. So what does this mean, exactly?  Let’s dive right in and take a look. The terms pre-qualify and pre-approval are typically used in real estate when someone wishes to obtain a loan for »» Continue reading → ««

JD Power Releases Top Credit Card Ratings


by Edward Galstyan Another year, yet another release by JD Power for the top credit cards. Take a peek in your wallet, are one of your cards on the list? American Express took the top spot for the year with best in customer satisfaction, best overall fees, billing and payment process, and best rewards program. »» Continue reading → ««

Real Estate Downfall

by Edward Galstyan As the real estate market continues to struggle, I felt this short video, quite humorously, illustrates what people have gone through as a result of the inevitable real estate downfall. I personally know several people who have either lost their house or are in the process of losing it and it’s certainly »» Continue reading → ««

What is a sweep account?

by Edward Galstyan A sweep account is a complimentary bank account where money is sent to from another account. It links a checking account with an investment account, such as a money market account or stock fund. Most sweep accounts require you to maintain a minimum balance where the bank sweeps your account daily, removes »» Continue reading → ««